Shelby and Todd Shanklin
We are unbelievably stoked and happy with the wedding. Shelby told me after that it was a perfect wedding and I can only agree. Everybody that was there has repeatedly told us it was the most perfect wedding they have ever seen or heard of. Beautiful, no hitches, smooth, simple, did I say already beautiful? - just fantastic. I have to get out my thesaurus to come up with more words to describe it.
The pictures are amazing. Breathtaking. Beautiful. You and Johannes did an outstanding job. Really. I have gotten so many compliments already I'm even getting a little tired of it.
If I could award you guys with medals or official commendations I would. The service was perfect. The pictures are amazing. My mother saw them and cried. Me and Shelby feel truly blessed to have been so lucky in choosing you. I'm recommending you to all my friends. You might have some idea of what it means, but I don't think I can put into words how much it meant to us. My immense Thanks to you. Cheers. Todd Shanklin

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