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Groups of over 10 people take more time to arrange during the wedding, and for photography and/or videography. A fee of $195 is required for all parties of between 11-19 people (incl. the bride & groom) and includes extra group photos we normally don't take with smaller groups. A fee of $395 is required for groups of 20 people and over and includes an on-site coordinator in addition to extra group photos specific to a large group. Read more.
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Wedding (same sex couples)
Vow Renewal
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Maile / Traditional Groom's lei #O - $100
Ti-Leaf Lei / Groom's lei #Q - $75
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Hair Adornments

Additional Options & Suggestions for Your Event:

Add Solo Hawaiian Musician for $250
NEW Add Rose Petal Circle to stand in durning your ceremony $175
NEW Add Rose Petal Heart to stand in durning your ceremony $200
Add Rose Petal Aisle & Circle to stand in durning your ceremony $400
Add our On-site Coordinator for your event $200
NEW Add On-site Coordinator & Groomer* for your event $300
NEW Add Groomer* for your event $175
Add our On-site Coordinator & Rehearsal $400
Add "Getting Ready" photo session at your hotel for $495 (1 hour)
Add B/W Photography: $195 extra (available with all photo packages)
Add ALMOST LIVE Webstream Video of your ceremony for $495
Add ALMOST LIVE Webstream Video & DVD copy for $595 SALE
Add Wedding Music Video (ceremony & coverage after): $799 SALE
NEW Add Drone aerial footage to your Video $595
Add "Reception Dinner" photography for $595 (1 hour)
Add "Reception Dinner" photography for $795 (2 hours)
Add "Reception Dinner" videography for $795 (2 hours)
NEW Add Town Car Service
(2 hours minimum / 3 person max.): $125/hour + gratuity
NEW Add Luxury Van Service
(3 hours minimum / 6 person max.): $75/hour + gratuity
NEW Add SUV Service
(2 hours minimum / 7 person max.): $150/hour + gratuity
NEW Add Sprinter Van Service
(2 hours minimum / 14 person max.): $175/hour + gratuity

*A Groomer will stay with you for the duration of your photography and make sure you'll look your best...adjusting your dress & making sure your make-up all looks great is part of the job...
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Thank you SO much for everything. Everything about what you and your family did was perfect. We can not possibly thank you enough, or tell you just how great you were. Thank your son again for us, one more time, for taking those pictures with our camera. It meant so much to our family that were able to upload photos of the wedding so quickly. The pictures are perfect. I can't wait to see the rest. Thanks again. Grant & Jamie Fritschle
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