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What to do with my Hair?

With Trade Winds blowing in Kauai, what's the chance your hair stay in place?

Well, the answer is NONE! Your hair will blow around in front of you during the ceremony and the photography and turn you into "wolf girl", which is hardly the look we want for your wedding. There are many ways you can control your hair, including using a Haku Lei, pinning your hair back, have your hair styled professionally or having floral hairpieces put in place to hold your hair.

I think most Brides choose to have their hair styled by a professional so the pictures look the best they can, but not everyone can afford that extra cost, or sometimes it’s the time they can’t afford. We have many couples who come here on Cruise ships and only have that one day to do everything: get the license, get married, do the photography, have the celebration meal, and get back on the ship before it sails.

Whatever you choose, adding flowers in your hair can do nothing but improve the photos. Putting color around the Bride is never wrong and the more flowers around the Bride the better: the bridal bouquet, the Haku lei, the leis, the Orchid hair piece, and any flowers put in your hair really help set off the beauty of the Bride.
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