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Wedding Cake & Champagne?

Wait! Isn't a Wedding Cake and a Champagne Toast a central part of the wedding ceremony?

Well again, the answer is YES, but the circumstances are somewhat different, so that changes what might be a better solution. In the case of the Champagne, it’s simple: the law states that no alcohol can be consumed on the beaches of Hawaii, nor on the adjacent county land either. That means that the Champagne is best saved for the wedding dinner that you will almost certainly be having. I can’t imagine any restaurant saying no to serving your Champagne as part of the meal.

The Cake is different. There’s no legal objection to having a cake at the wedding on the beach in Kauai, however the DLNR law prohibits "furniture" on the beach which means you can't have a cake table. Bearing in mind that a cake on a beach in the hot sun undergoes structural changes (it melts) and that all insects within a 5 mile radius find it irresistible, it also is better saved for during your reception dinner. On many occasions the Hotel or Restaurant may have a Wedding Cake you can order when you reserve, or you can call any of the bakeries on Kauai.
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