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About the Wedding License & Permit.

Why do I need a Permit and a Wedding License? Do we really need them?

Well the answer is YES, you need both. The $65 wedding license is required by the State and the Federal government to validate that you were really married in Hawaii. To obtain a license in Hawaii you must both appear at before a State License Agent with a picture ID. You don’t need blood tests or to be here a certain time or even need witnesses. You can obtain a license on any Island in the State, but on Kauai there are more than one place to get the license. There’s a list here.

The Beach Use Permit is completely different from the license: it gives the permission to use a part of the public beach for a Wedding Ceremony for a given time and for a given number of people. It cannot be applied for by anyone other than the company who will marry you. It must be obtained before the wedding and states the site and the time, limited to two hours at that location, and charged for by the square foot of used space. The photography is separate and is covered under another license which we hold from the Hawaii Film Commission.
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