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Where's the best Location?

Ninety One Miles of beaches. How do we choose?

Yes, there are ninety one miles of beautiful beaches in Kauai, not all of them are easily accessible, nor desirable for a wedding. What most people want is a deserted beach that’s wide and sunny with small waves and great colors. So where do we find these beaches?

Well first you should know that there are some beaches that we can’t get to or that are prohibited from using for Weddings. Many beaches have Hawaiian ancestors buried close to the beach, and for obvious reasons these beaches are sacrosanct. Other beaches can only be approached by hiking some distance, maybe down cliffs or through undergrowth, neither of which is advisable in a Wedding Dress and Tuxedo. Still other beaches belong to County jurisdiction and cannot be permitted for any kind of commercial events.

The same is true for waterfalls and cliffs both of which involve some hiking and may not be able to be permitted. We’ve taken great lengths to choose the locations which we feel work best depending upon the number of people in the wedding party, their accommodation location, the time of the year, the weather, and the ease of permitting.

Our favorite wedding location is Shipwreck's Beach, because it offers a variety of different props and back drops.
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