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What should we Wear?

You're on a Tropical Island getting married and you're not sure if you need a Tux or a conventional Wedding Dress?

Well there is no easy answer to this question, the truth is you should wear what you feel best in. Most Brides wear white, most Grooms wear neutral colors like black or white or beige, but not all. Some couples wear matching colors, and sometimes that includes bright Hawaiian colors.

If you do wear a Bridal Gown or Tux, remember when you order it that the temperature here is 84 degrees Fahrenheit nearly every day, whether it’s raining or sunny, so a black suit or a heavy dress with a full train might require the addition of a towel or two to keep the glossy reflections down during photography.

Remember, it never snows, although it does rain some time, mostly of a night, but even then the temperature is the same. The other issue with long trains on all Kauai beaches is that they do tend to pick up everything that’s on the beach, small branches, leaves etc, so we’ll need extra time to disengage all those items during the shoot.
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