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What questions to ask when interviewing a wedding photographer.

The quality & value of your Wedding Photography can vary greatly depending upon the actual photographer, so choose your Kauai wedding photographer carefully. Most wedding photographers will only publish their very best work on their websites, so make sure to see as much and as many samples as possible. There are a few tricks that anyone should be aware of that photographers frequently use to upsell their services and add extra cost to your wedding. Amongst those are: Additional charges for copyright of the images, you'll pay for extra photographs that are above and beyond what your photography package stated, and you can only buy prints from the photographer (usually at a high cost).

Quality of photographic equipment is another consideration. Make sure your photographer uses professional, well maintained cameras, and will provide you with high resolution color balanced images. Make sure your wedding photographer is local, from Kauai, because he'll know the beaches and light conditions, and where the best spots are to get great pictures.

Ask your photographer:
  • What equipment do you use?
  • How many photographs are included in my package?
  • Do I pay for extra photos?
  • If so, how much?
  • Do I get copyright to my photographs?
  • How much are prints, if I want them?
  • Can I print my pictures at any lab?
  • Do my pictures come on CD or DVD?
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