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Why so many Photos?

300 Photos for a Wedding sounds like a lot. Aren't 36-100 pictures more normal?

Well, yes, it’s true that most photographers shoot 36 to 100 images for the same price we shoot 300. It’s also true that 36-100 shots can’t possibly capture the beauty and elegance of a beach wedding on Kauai.

The original reason behind 36 shots was that that’s how film was sold in rolls of 24 or 36 shots on a roll, and when the change over to digital came along, many photographers just kept everything the same, although they did shoot more images, they would only tell you about them later and offer them to you for extra money.

The other difference is that Kauai Island Weddings gives you the copyright to all your images FREE, with the DVD we'll send to you. Most companies charge up to $400 extra for this right.

Perhaps the biggest difference is that we shoot each Wedding with two photographers, and if you order a video we make that three photographers. Now it’s easy to see that 300 isn’t too many photos, in fact in many weddings, it may be too few!
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