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Should I hire a TEAM or just a BUNCH OF INDIVIDUALS?

Maybe I can save money by hiring different experts to work together, like an individual photographer, minister, videographer and musician. I may be able to save a few bucks if I coordinate the wedding myself. But is there a down side?

You won’t save any money by hiring a group of individuals, and you might be heading for trouble, in a big way. Your Wedding needs to be properly coordinated, and that’s hard to do when a group of people haven’t worked together before.

The Wedding must go smoothly and everything must run like a well oiled clock.
Errors caused by people who don't work as a team are common, they can’t rely on each other and it makes everybody nervous. The photographer doesn't necessarily know the ceremony and when certain photo opportunities arise, and the musician may not know when to play. Just look at the wedding photos of most wedding companies. Why aren’t the bride and groom smiling, maybe things aren’t going well? Now look at all of our wedding photos, see the difference!

There’s no time for a do-over, no second chances, either everything got captured or it got missed. Don’t leave things to chance, always book a company that has their own staff doing everything: from the minister to the photographer, to the videographer, editor and coordinator. Make sure you get the best you can afford, you don’t get a second chance at this special day.
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