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Do we really need a PROFESSIONAL WEDDING Photographer?

I’ll have lots of people there and they’ll all have cameras.
I know I’ll get all their pictures, so why do I need to hire a Professional?

You’re correct,there will be lots of cameras present and, more likely than not, they will be the small "point and click kind". These cameras are fine for snap shots, to capture beaches and mountains for their personal memories, but they’re not good enough if you miss a lifetime of precious memories ...

Our professional photographers (yes there’s two at each wedding!) have thousands of dollars of equipment and have honed their skills over hundreds of Weddings to perfect our style as you see on our website. We know the "set up shots" that show the Bride and the Groom in their best light, we know the difference between backdrops that look good and those which look great.

We have the experience to arrange the larger groups at a wedding, and pose the many set ups necessary to capture the intimacy and romance of your Kauai Wedding.

Have everybody take photos, it will make them happy, but don’t rely on amateurs to deliver your priceless Wedding Memories - it’s not like you’ll get married every day and can retake the photos. Can you really afford to miss the best chance to get really great images that people will cry over?
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