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What will the Weather be like?

It's going to be sunny, with occasional showers - Every Day.

The weather in Kauai is incredibly consistent most of the time, and that’s because we’re a little island surrounded by 2,700 miles of ocean in any direction, that keeps us temperate. The trade winds that blow across the Tropic of Cancer keep us cool and our average daily temperature of 84°F keeps us warm.

You’ll be grateful for the trade winds cooling breeze as you stand in the sun during the 20 minutes of ceremony and hour of photography, it will keep you cooler. But if your hair is longer you will have to think of ways to control it to avoid looking like "Wolf Girl" (Wolf guy as well, if that fits). Many Brides visit a hairdresser and have their hair put up with white flowers inlaid. Others pin their hair back or choose a Haku lei which tends to control longer hair you you don't want to wear your hair up. Others still will use a Cymbidium Orchid hairpiece to control one side and pin back the other.

And remember, don’t pack too many clothes, most people get by with shorts and tops because it’s so beautiful and casual here. A lot of people arrive with three suitcases and go home with two that they haven't opened.
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