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The Importance of Flowers

You’re on a Tropical Island getting married and you’re not sure if you need a Bouquet, or any additional Flowers?

Well the answer is YES, you need flowers. The next question is always "Why"? and the answer is simple - they add a burst of color to the photos. Take a few moments to think about these photos that will be cherished for all time, they most often will show the Bride in a white dress, and the groom in a white shirt and neutral colored pants.

And yes there’s color in the background of the shots, the Ocean, the sand, the sky but we need to make the couple ‘pop’ and the best way to do that is to add bright colorful flowers to the happy couple. Some set up photos will suffer without a bouquet, for example the ring shots use the bouquet as a background to the hands, there are many other set ups that also use the flowers and not just the Bouquet; the Orchids in the hair set off the brides face against the flowers; the greens of the Maile lei worn by the Groom set off the shirt he’s wearing and the Haku or head lei worn by the bride do double duty controlling the Brides hair and adding color above the face.

All in all the beauty that the colorful flowers bring to the photos is without question, and even though they add to the cost, how much is it worth to make the photos more memorable?
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