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All you need to know about the Wedding License.
Wedding Licence
Hawaii is a beautiful place and a marriage here is an ideal way for a couple to start life together. You may be a visitor to the Islands, drawn to our year-round warm and sunny weather, or you may be a resident wishing to celebrate a most cherished moment in a place that you call home. Whoever you are, we welcome you and hope that we can make your wedding day as free from worry as possible. Aloha and best wishes!

For any person to lawfully marry in the State of Hawaii, a license for that purpose must be obtained from an authorized agent. Once the license has been issued, there is no waiting period before the marriage can take place. No blood tests are needed, and no witnesses are required.

A marriage license and marriage certificate are different documents. The marriage license permits a marriage to take place. The marriage certificate indicates that a legal marriage has been performed.

Who is eligible to apply for a Wedding License in Hawaii?
  • In applying for a marriage license, both the prospective groom and bride must appear in person before a marriage license agent.
  • A marriage license is issued immediately after the application is accepted by a marriage license agent, and it is valid statewide. A marriage license expires 30 days from and including the date of issuance.
  • There are no state residence or U.S. citizenship requirements.
  • Blood tests or witnesses are not required.
    The legal age to marry is 18 years for both males and females.
  • Males or females of 16 or 17 years of age who wish to marry require the written consent of both parents, legal guardian, or the family court. The parents or legal guardian do not have to be residents of the state. Consent forms may be obtained from a marriage license agent.
  • Proof of age is required. A certified copy of a birth certificate must be presented for anyone 18 years of age or under. A valid I.D. or driver's license may be presented for anyone 19 years of age or over.
  • Cousins may marry. However, the blood relationship between the prospective bride and groom cannot be closer than first cousins.
  • If previously married, proof of original divorce decree or death certificate needs to be presented to the marriage agent by the applicant if the divorce or death was final within 30 days of applying for a marriage license. NO FAX COPY WILL BE ACCEPTED.
  • The fee for a wedding license is payable online by credit card upon completion of the application.

The 3 Steps to getting married in Hawaii.
  1. Apply for the License Online. Write down the File Locator Code that you will be given at the end of the process.
  2. Make appointment to meet with the License Agent in Kauai to verify your identity and issue the legal license – with Driver’s License (US citizens) or Passports for (foreigners). If divorce is less than 30 days old bring your divorce papers. Check with the State you are living in to see if there are restrictions about when you can re-marry after your divorce has been finalized. Different States may have different waiting periods.
  3. Bring License to your Wedding on the Beach. We’re responsible for filing it with the State of Hawaii.

Details below:

1. Bride & groom need to obtain the Wedding License prior to their wedding and bring it with them to the beach. This will cost you $65 and is payable on the Hawaii State website by credit card. Please fill in the marriage license application ONLINE beforehand (Step 1 below in turquoise), bringing it with you to your Kauai License Appointment. Most people do this a month or two before their wedding – mark your calendar!

2. Wedding License Agents in Kauai. You’ll need to meet with a Kauai Wedding License Agent prior to your wedding to verify your identity and issue the legal wedding license. Bring this license with you to the beach when you are getting married. Both of you need to go to this license appointment, and you’ll need to bring picture IDs (driver’s license) or your Passports as a form of identification. No birth certificate, and no divorce papers are needed if your divorce is older than 30 days. No witnesses are required in the State of Hawaii, nor are there any waiting periods. You can get married the same day your license is issued, should you desire to do so. Once the Kauai Agent has issued your legal license, it is valid for 30 days in the State of Hawaii – which means you must get married within 30 days or the license will expire.
Complete List of Kauai Wedding License Agents is below in Step 2 in turquoise.

3. Meet us at the beach to get married! After the wedding the bride and groom, and our licensed officiant will sign all the necessary paperwork. Our company is responsible for filing your wedding license with the State of Hawaii to make things legal.

The above three steps are necessary for a legal marriage so they must be followed.

Step 1: How to apply for a Wedding License.
  • The prospective bride and groom must apply for their Wedding license online here:
    but, must also appear together in person before a marriage license agent once they arrive in Kauai, and prior to the actual wedding ceremony, to validate the marriage license application in the agent's presence. Proxies are not allowed.
  • Once online, click on the "Applicants" tab and select "Apply License" and fill in the form for a Marriage License, pay the fee and write down the code number generated by the website, this will be used by the Kauai Wedding License Agent to locate your file.

Step 2: Wedding License Agents in Kauai.

After you have completed Step 1 above you'll have to meet one of the Kauai Wedding License Agents below, who'll verify your identity and will issue your legal wedding license on paper. You’ll need to obtain your Wedding License prior to your wedding ceremony and bring it with you to the beach. Please follow Step 1 above before completing Step 2.
The wedding license will cost you $65.

Click here to the State website for a complete list of current license agents.

Your wedding license once issued by one of the agents above, is valid anywhere within the State of Hawaii
for 30 days
. This means that you must have your wedding ceremony within 30 days or your license to marry will expire.

Step 3: Getting married.

Meet us on the beach to get married! Don't forget to bring your wedding license and your rings. We'll bring all your flowers, and our experienced staff of minister, photographer, videographer and musician will assure you'll have a wonderful time. Your event will take a total of about 1-2 hours depending on the wedding package you are choosing, with your wedding ceremony taking about 15 minutes.

Once the marriage is completed and the form finalized a temporary license can be printed from the State of Hawaii web site (where you made your online application - Step 1 above) from beneath the tab "Check Status" under "Applicants".
Your final legal marriage certificate will be mailed to you directly from the State of Hawaii in Honolulu.

DLNR Beach Use Permits.

The DLNR (Department of Land & Natural Resources) requires beach use permits for all weddings performed on Hawaiian beaches. These permits must be applied for by a wedding officiant who is licenced in the State of Hawaii - the couple can not do this themselves. The State also requires adequate insurance coverage of all vendors.

All Beach Use Permits must be applied for and obtained, for a specific date and time and the event must not exceed 2 hours per Permit.

Kauai Island Weddings will apply for and obtain this Beach Use Permit on behalf of the couple. The couple can choose a first & secondary beach location for their wedding. The Beach Use Permit & Insurance will cost between $75 and $150 depending on the size of your group.

Beach Wedding Locations
There is a $5,000 fine for performing a wedding without a Beach Use Permit.

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