Nancy & Robert Dillman
Aloha Mike and Johannes!
This is Nancy Manos ... oops, I mean Nancy Dillman now. I must stop making that mistake! It's just that "Nancy Dillman" sounds like a librarian, doesn't it? Only kidding. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that my husband and I received our photo DVD, and we were absolutely amazed! The photos truly captured how much fun we had that day! Though the day itself started off windy and rain clouds were coming ashore, you were still able to capture how beautiful and special that day was to us. You made us feel at ease with your hilarious sense of humor and professional attitude. There is not one thing we would change about that day. Our flowers were breathtaking, our cake was delicious, the ceremony was beautiful, and the photos came out better than we could have ever imagined. It's amazing to us that within the over 600+ photos that were taken, we love almost ALL of them. We cannot thank you enough for everything. My husband and I look forward to returning to Kauai, which is by far the most beautiful of all the Hawaiian islands... and when we do, you can be sure we will stay at the Kauai Country Inn.
Also, if you ever need a recommendation, feel free to give the bride my name and contact info. I'd be happy to tell someone that even though Mother Nature wanted to make it a miserable day for us, you and your son came to the rescue bringing great humor... spectacular shots.. and gorgeous flowers. Robert and Nancy Dillman

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