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Meet your Wedding Professionals

Kauai Island Weddings has planned and performed to great customer satisfaction over
3,000 weddings in the last 10 years. Reviews.

Wedding Coordinator & Chief Executive Officer
Mike Hough is co-owner of Kauai Island Weddings and the Kauai Country Inn, and wears many hats within the company. Mike is the main Wedding Coordinator and the person you're most likely to be talking to on the phone. He is also one of our busiest Wedding Ministers and Professional Photographers.

Mike's background is in photography and advertising and he holds a full Technology degree from Birmingham University, England. He has worked in virtually every area of those industries both in Europe and America, and spent the best part of the 80's and 90's running his own advertising agency, which focused on the movie industry in Hollywood, California; working on the launch of major motion pictures and new television series, as well as with some of the biggest international companies in Europe.

He moved to Kauai with his wife Martina, and son Johannes, to enjoy the Hawaiian culture and weather which they had fallen in love with over many visits to the Islands. Besides being a seasoned photographer and videographer, he is also widely experienced in both computers and software application and has, with Martina, produced 25 software titles whilst in the Islands. Their many Awards span those different industries over the last 40 years, but he has found his true calling in the Wedding Industry. When not shooting weddings, or editing wedding photos, he's happy marrying people.

Religious ceremonies, non-religious ceremonies, and same sex ceremonies.

Webmaster & Chief Operating Officer
Martina Hough is co-owner of Kauai Island Weddings and Kauai Country Inn, and wears as many hats as Mike. She is the web master responsible for all the imagery, functionality and design of our websites, as well as being the financial officer for the company.
Running a parallel course with Mike in the 80's and 90's she is a seasoned professional photographer & videographer, with a perfect eye for layout and color. Martina also runs the Kauai Country Inn almost single handedly, but still finds time to shoot wedding videos and photos at many of the weddings we are fortunate to perform. Having graduated from Bonn University in Germany before moving to America, she is bilingual in German and English, and is the heart and soul of the business.

All of our staff members are also experienced photographers, having photographed thousands of our weddings. If it's Dave, Todd, Hans, Courtney, Cliff, Jon or Johannes who's photographing your big day, rest assured
they are warm and considerate, coaxing the best emotions out of the sometimes nervous bride and exceptional photographic results. Couples and their families have often difficulty expressing their feelings, because words just don't exist they say, to convey how beautiful the images are.

All photography is taken by our experienced in-house staff and all images are processed at our main office by our image manipulation experts.

Hawaiian Minister
You're eloping to Kauai to have your dream come true Hawaiian wedding. What better way to get married on the sand in Hawaii by a Hawaiian minister, while a Hawaiian musician serenades you with beautiful local music (available as an add on with all wedding packages).

Religious ceremonies and non-religious ceremonies.

German Minister
Our German Language officiant finds joy in uniting German speaking couples as well as English speaking ones. He really enjoys sharing this special occasion with people who were unknown to him just before their wedding day, who become like old friends in the sharing of such an intimate celebration of their love for each other. He is also one of our Gay & Lesbian wedding officiants.

Religious ceremonies, non-religious ceremonies, and same sex ceremonies.

Gay & Lesbian Minister
Our gay & lesbian wedding officiants find joy in uniting same sex couples... after all it's really a civil rights issue. We welcome gay & lesbian couples to get married with us here in Kauai which is locally known as the heart of the planet.

Both male & female ministers are available.

Same sex ceremonies.

Female Minister
We complete our staff with our female minister.
She brings a fresh eye to Kauai Island Weddings photography team being warm and joyful in her ceremonies, and creative and confident when working with our couples.

Religious ceremonies, non-religious ceremonies, and same sex ceremonies.

On-site Wedding Coordinator
Courtney completes our team as our on-site wedding coordinator, and Mike's assistant. You may be speaking to her about your wedding details on the phone and if you have a large group you may have her coordinate your wedding at the beach.

Hawaiian Musicians
We have a variety of local award winning Hawaiian musicians we contract with; all of whom delight in making your wedding day a truly unforgettable event.

Call 808-822-5381 to start planning your Kauai Destination Wedding...